About Me

Your Personal Real Estate Agent

So why did I become a real estate professional?

Would you be surprised to learn I became a real estate professional because I saw the need for this specific profession in my community in the Province of Manitoba? I embark on this career after exploring other options and taking my Brother Julian Dario suggestions for this rewarding career.

How long have I been in sales or selling real estate?

If you include all the years I helped my Dad out, then you could say I’ve been passionate for sales from the age of 10 years old. But it became the first 100% dedicated agent to my community in the year 2008, and I proudly say that thanks to the support from the Hispanic community, my family and mentors, I became the very first Hispanic Real Estate Broker in the Province of Manitoba in the year 2015.

Where do I live?

Right now, I live in Winnipeg MB (Bridgwater Lakes neighborhood) but I’ve lived in different cities of Canada in the past, like Montreal QB, Kingston, Port Elgin, ON. And I’ve been inside homes and studied every local market in our city and nearby towns, as I specialized in new home constructions/developments in our Province.

What’s my favorite restaurant?

My favorite restaurant is my CASA, which means my home in Spanish…:). I love to cook, so it’s always my first choice especially when I prepare meals for family and friends. But second any local restaurant in the city, especially with such an ethnic diversity and restaurants.

Something people are surprised to learn about me?

For 33 years, I was in the food and beverage industry, being a dishwasher my first position when I came to Canada back in the summer of 1986, from there I had the opportunity to work in family-owned and operated restaurants. I also had the opportunity to work in the best hotels in our city, however, I owe my passion for cooking to Abuela (grandma) Rosalbina and Abuela Ines. 

My favorite hobbies?

Reading and long distance/endurance running is always on top of my list. I also enjoy watching movies with my family, especially during the cold winter season, I love outdoor activities, tent camping (the real deal) and travel with my family during the summer/winter months.

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